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With crystal clear waters and balmy trade winds year-round, the British Virgin Islands are a pristine playground brimming with adventure.

Sailing & Boating

Raise the sails and your expectations.

An adventure at sea is in store whether you’re a first-time sailor or an experienced captain thanks to consistent trade winds, clear water and sunshine every day. Find a different cove each day at different islands and pack your boat with all the necessities <link to provisions page> and set sail for wherever the spirit (or the wind) moves you.

With the Sir Frances Drake Channel and islands are close enough to navigate by sight stretching in front of you, the BVI is truly a sailor’s paradise.


Aaron Rentals
Road Town
(284) 494-8917 Day Charters between the British Virgin Islands on a 32' Renegade Open Fisherman.
Aristocat Charters
Village Cay Marina
(284) 499-1249 Aristocat Charters boats are fully insured and comply with all regulations as required by BVI law and the US Coastguard with a fully quali...
B & B Charters & Rentals
Leverick Bay
Office : +1 284 495 7525 | Elaine : +1 284 541 9341 | Andy : + 1 284 542 2941

Explore the BVI's aboard a Bradley Powerboat from B&B Charters and Rentals.  Based at the Leverick Bay Marina in North Sound, Vi...

Bitter End Yacht Club
North Sound
(284) 494-2745 Sailing, Water Sports and Kite boarding lessons available for in house guests and boat guests.
Blue Sail BVI
Road Town
(284) 494-2268 Exciting and fun snorkel/party/sightseeing around the islands on board Blue Star and Blue Lagoon - custom built boats with professional crew...
BVI 360

(284) 499-1281 BVI360 is unique tour and booking company located on Tortola, British Virgin Islands! If you’re looking for an ideal guide, we are here to...
BVI Captains and Maritime Association Limited


The Virgin I...

BVI Sea and Land Adventure Tours
White Bay
(284)-541-2369 or (340)626-8995 Stand-up paddle boards, paddle boats, water bikes, kayaks, beach chairs, snorkel equipment, banana sled, jet boat rentals, tours, beach part...
C & D Power Boat Rentals
East End Day trips to Anegada, around the British Virgin Islands, St Thomas, St John, etc. Drinks included. Snorkelling equipment available.
R&S Charter Service
Road Town, British Virgin Islands
Elusive Charters
On the Water, British Virgin Islands
CharterPort BVI
Nanny Cay, British Virgin Islands
1-284-494 7955
BVI Captains and Maritime Association Limited
, British Virgin Islands
Voyage Escapes, British Virgin Islands
Mystique Charters
Voyage Charters, British Virgin Islands
(284) 494-0740 or (284) 346-5535
Spirit of Anegada
Spirit of Anegada, British Virgin Islands
(284) 340 7777
Silmaril Charters
Silmaril Charters, British Virgin Islands
284-342-6248 or 284-540-2441
Sailon (BVI) Ltd.
Sailon (BVI) Ltd., British Virgin Islands
(284) 494-0669
Patouche Charters
Patouche Charters, British Virgin Islands
Kuralu, British Virgin Islands
(284) 495-4381
Endless Summer II
Endless Summer II, British Virgin Islands
Aristocat Charters
Aristocat Charters, British Virgin Islands
(284) 499-1249
Sunshine Power Boat Rentals
Sunshine Power Boat Rentals, British Virgin Islands
Pure Passion Charters
Pure Passion Charters, British Virgin Islands
Leverick Bay Charter Service
Leverick Bay Charter Service, British Virgin Islands
(284) 541 0465
King Charters
King Charters, British Virgin Islands
(284) 494-5820
Island Time Power Boat Rentals & Charters
Island Time Power Boat Rentals & Charters, British Virgin Islands
(284) 495-9993
C & D Power Boat Rentals
C & D Power Boat Rentals, British Virgin Islands
La Boheme Charters
Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour, British Virgin Islands
(284) 541-4861
Bitter End Yacht Club
Bitter End Yacht Club, British Virgin Islands
(284) 494-2745
Leverick Bay Water Sports
Leverick Bay Marina, British Virgin Islands
(284) 495-7376
Island Surf & Sail Ltd
Soper's Hole Wharf & Marina, British Virgin Islands
(284) 494-0123
Island Fun Tours
, British Virgin Islands
(284) 545-0249 / 547-3538
BVI 360
, British Virgin Islands
(284) 499-1281
Blue Sail BVI
Road Harbour, British Virgin Islands
(284) 494-2268
BVI Sea and Land Adventure Tours
, British Virgin Islands
(284)-541-2369 or (340)626-8995
F and S Boat Rentals
East End, British Virgin Islands
Executive Rentals Limited
Sea Cow's Bay & Hodge's Creek, British Virgin Islands
284-346-5061 or 284-346-5062
Eldorado - Wind is our Friend
Road Town, British Virgin Islands
1-284-343-5920 or 284-343-5892
Island Surf and Sail Day Trips
Soper's Hole, British Virgin Islands
+1 284 340-3434
Offshore Sailing School
Offshore Sailing School, British Virgin Islands
(284) 340-4807 or (800) 221-4326 or (239) 454-1700
Aaron Rentals
, British Virgin Islands
(284) 494-8917
VI Connection
, British Virgin Islands
(284) 343-7276
Virgin Traders
Nanny Cay Resort & Marina, British Virgin Islands
(284) 495 2526 or USA Toll Free: (888) 684 6486
B & B Charters & Rentals
Leverick Bay Marina, British Virgin Islands
Office : +1 284 495 7525 | Elaine : +1 284 541 9341 | Andy : + 1 284 542 2941
Island Rydes Boat Charters
, British Virgin Islands
TRC Boat Rentals & Charters
Harbour View Marina, British Virgin Islands
(284) 546-0026
True Blue Power Boats
Prospect Reef, British Virgin Islands
(284) 541-6666
D'Master Cruises
, British Virgin Islands
(284) 440-3301
The Moorings
Moorings base, British Virgin Islands
(284) 393-2331
Sea It Clear
, British Virgin Islands
(284) 343-9537
Eldorado - Wind is our Friend
, British Virgin Islands
1-284-343-5920 or 284-343-5892
Foxy's Charters
Foxy's, United States